About us

Sun Coast Homes Ltd. is belonging to a Group of Companies owned by a German investor.

Because of the owners experience received over many years living and travelling all over the World but specially in Spain, England and Germany Sun Coast Homes Ltd. is full of knowledge about this three countries.

We have the best contacts you can have in Europe and are able to support you in all aspects having to do with buying or selling a property and moving abroad.

We are also able to help to find you the right place for a business you would like to run, or to take over an existing company in Spain, England and Germany.

Get to know us and we promise that you won´t regret it.

More than anywhere else we are having a very professional set up in Southern Spain where more than 40 people are working in our Group to help each of our clients as much as possible.

Over there we are working more than 15 years in the Real Estate sector and for that reason we have an intimate knowledge and expertise matching Real Estate needs of buyers and sellers and spotting investment opportunities.

We cover the spectrum of luxury real estate from multimillion beachfront homes to down-to-earth and affordable apartments and family homes in the South of Spain.

In addition, the Costa del Sol (also called Costa del Golf) has some of the finest golf courses and clubs in Europe.

As we work together to successfully complete your buying goal, we are up to date for you with all property listings which match your customized search criteria.

Our home finder service can save you many hours of valuable time as we will focus only on all details that meet your desires.